Events & Social Media for Education

WTS' Spotlight on Flavor represents our commitment to education. With over 12 years of experience in food safety and security, Bill began to notice that many people harbored unrealistic fears about food and lacked awareness about its importance. Food is integral to survivability, a lesson we've learned all too well in recent years as even the USA has faced catastrophic crises. Our programs focus on fundamental subjects:

• Food Diversity

• Food Safety

• Survivability

Our food diversity programs aim to expand individuals' knowledge of food and its availability. Through a spotlight on wild edibles, Bill explores the world of food in nature. Follow Budget Bushcraft on Facebook and subscribe to Bill Carpenter Outside on YouTube for more information. Bill also conducts live classes on wild food and foraging, ideal for beginners, and offers live demonstrations on primitive food preservation.

Food safety is an integral component of all of Bill's programs. Making food safe and sustainable is crucial for everyday survivability. Bill believes that increased awareness leads to greater safety for individuals.

As a preparedness enthusiast, Bill shares bushcraft and survival skills ranging from woodsmanship to foraging to help others enjoy the outdoors and become more aware of food availability.