Food Diversity and Security

Sharing the flavors of the world...

Events & Social Media for Education

Events & Social Media for Education

WTS' Spotlight on Flavor is our Education commitment. With more than 12 years in food safety and security, Bill began noticing that most people had an unrealistic fear of food as well as a lack of awareness. Food is integral to survivability. IF we've learned nothing else over the past few years, we've learned that even the USA is not exempted from catastrophic crisis.

Our programs focus on the basic subjects:

Food Diversity

Food Safety


Food diversity programs seek to expand on an individual's knowledge of food and it's availability. With a spotlight of wild edibles Bill explores the world of food in nature. Follow Budget Bushcraft on Facebook and Subscribe to Bill Carpenter Outside on YOUTUBE.

BIll teaches live classes on wild food and foraging that are ideal for beginning foragers. Primitive food preservation is also available for live demonstrations

Food Safety is a part of all of Bill's programs. Making food safe and sustainable is critical to survivability everyday. BIll believes the more aware people are the safer they will be.

Bill is a preparedness enthusiast. He share bushcraft and surviabl skills from woodsmanship to foraging to help others enjoy the outdoors and increase awareness of food availability.