Food Truck Window Service

A Festive Favorite for parties, events, and luncheons.

One of the area’s most talked-about food trucks. WTS BBQ Serves award-winning BBQ flavors.

More than just a food truck.

It is our goal to be every event planner's favorite Mobile food vendor. Below are three ways we want to achieve this goal.

1. One way we meet this goal is by providing an exceptional food experience with far above average service. We offer two food trucks, a concession trailer, and a pop-up unit that can serve under a tent, in the great outdoors or even indoor events while satisfying all food safety requirements. Whether you want a vendor or catering services, WTS is growing to meet those needs with a broad menu of culinary favorites from traditional BBQ to exotic food options.

2. Another way we meet this goal is a sustainable partnership. WTS doesn't want to be "a here today gone tomorrow" part of your event. We want to share in growing and improving the events we participate in year over year. We can do this by contributing creative solutions and ideas and sharing in marketing efforts.

The earlier we know dates, changes and or web URLs, as well as links to event info the better we can plan and support you through our marketing campaigns.

Our marketing plan includes social media, a robust web presence, radio, and professional print assets.

3. Finally, WTS is connected and wants to share those connections. We are one of the few mobile food services that are members n numerous associations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Food Truck Associations, Greater Ohio Showmen's Association (GOSA) and more.

We have a vast and growing network of entertainment professionals and event solution providers. we are happy to help you connect with these professional services.

WTS wants to do more than make a few sales during your event. We want to empower those who empower our community.

Food Truck parked in the street at night. Fireworks in the sky behind.